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Student's Feature Story

Victoria Hill
Victoria Hill_edited.jpg

"Over the past three or so weeks, I have noticed a lot of differences between the education system in the US versus the Italian one.."

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Partner's Feature Story

Sara Galimberti


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"Working with Victoria at Aliotti Primary School has been a wonderful experience for the kids and for the school.

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Tailoring a wide network of professional experiences for OUA students and leading them through relevant cultural connections has been a stimulating challenge. During this rewarding journey, the students and I have found lots of tools for personal and professional development. 

Lucio Bianchi Sereni
OUA Internship Tutor
Student Services Coordinator

GIULIA, Spring 2022

Hi everybody! I’m Giulia, I’m from Florence and I’ve been one of the UniSi interns at the University of Oklahoma in Arezzo. I was initially a bit concerned since I had to travel more than an hour by train every morning to get there, but this experience turned out to be totally worth it.

I had the chance to speak English every day (which was very useful since I study languages) and improve my skills while making new friends from around the world and learning new stuff that I’m sure will come in handy in a future job. The other UniSi interns were also a lovely discovery for me as they were a pleasure to work with when making the social media posts. 

I also had the pleasure to work with the OUA staff at the Annex, the place where the students go to class but also the organizational hub for each and every program that the University hosts in Italy. I can’t thank the ladies of the OUA staff enough for being so helpful and patient with me while explaining every little thing. My time as an intern was short and I would have loved to continue this experience but I absolutely recommend it to every UniSi student like me!

#OUinArezzo #Spring22 #OUitalian #UNISI #bestinternshipever #education #internship

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UNISI Interns

Meet two University of Siena students who interned at OU in Arezzo. This program provides a great way for OUA students to get engaged with local students, who get to know more about Italian habits, passions and traditions.

Luca Unisi intern

LUCA, Spring 2022

Finally it's my turn! After doing two interviews with OUA students I can now tell you about my adventures here. But first of all, who am I?

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Luca! I am 21 years old and I am a third year student of Languages at Unisi.

My goal this year was to keep learning English and to meet new people, just like I was doing last year when I spent a year abroad in the UK as part of the Erasmus project.

To be honest, this OUA internship was the only one that would allow me to take some steps forward in improving my English level and so I decided to apply for it in Spring 22. I gave everything I had and was rewarded with the trust placed in me by the people of OUA. I tried to learn as much as I could from this awesome experience! When I was looking at the feedback from previous interns on IG, I was wondering if OUA was as nice as people had said. I can only confirm how wonderful it was for me doing my internship here and meeting so many new people who I would never have met otherwise.

I'm gonna miss the foosball games with Brian, Pedro and Alec or the long political chats with Dawit. If I am a bit homesick for this place, it’s just because I really enjoyed this experience and I had such a good time here.

What are you waiting for? Join OU in Arezzo!

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