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Student's Feature Story

Lily Macias


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"I was placed in a role that not only inspired me personally but allowed me to work through many of my own professional goals."

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Partner's Feature Story

Claudia maffei


"We count on OUA to keep making a difference within the Arezzo community and beyond"

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Tailoring a wide network of professional experiences for OUA students and leading them through relevant cultural connections has been a stimulating challenge. During this rewarding journey, the students and I have found lots of tools for personal and professional development. 

Lucio Bianchi Sereni
OUA Internship Tutor
Student Services Coordinator

CLAUDIA, Spring 2021

"Hi, I'm Claudia, and I was an intern at the University of Oklahoma in Arezzo! As soon as I knew that I could do my internship at OUA I was relieved and excited by the idea: That was the internship that I needed to improve my speaking and writing in English. I study Languages for Intercultural Communication at the University of Siena in Arezzo, and this internship has been a big opportunity for me. Here I found a positive and friendly working environment, where teamwork is the key, and new ideas are always welcome! This internship helped me improve my translation skills and challenge myself to practice what I had learned at University. 


Local students, if you have the chance to do your internship here, you won't regret it!"

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UNISI Interns

Meet two University of Siena students who interned at OU in Arezzo. This program provides a great way for OUA students to get engaged with local students, who get to know more about Italian habits, passions and traditions.


GIUSEPPE, Spring 2021

“Hi y’all! My name is Giuseppe and I am proud to say that I am an intern at the University of Oklahoma in Arezzo. When I applied for this position I was about to start my last year at the University of Siena in Arezzo. My field of study is Business Languages and, to be more specific, I study English and Chinese. I have always heard a lot about this project with OUA,
and it was so exciting that many international students came here, so that I could meet new and interesting people and that’s just what happened!

In the past, I took part in several events where I had fun with all the OUA students. Now, it comes without saying, things are a bit different than they were two years ago.

Nevertheless, I decided that this internship
could give me the opportunity to improve many skills. I work with wonderful people who are always willing to help and who always welcome new ideas. This is the most satisfying part: I can create my own things so that I really feel as a part of the Rooney Family Center.
Moreover, the environment is so amusing and inspiring that you almost feel like home. It’s an unmissable opportunity!”