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Discover Arezzo

Arezzo is the capital of the easternmost province of Tuscany, a beautiful area of rolling hills gradually merging into the Apennine backbone of the Italian peninsula. Nestled on the hill that is the geographic center of the city, Arezzo is an exciting, safe and beautiful place to study. It is conveniently located near much larger cultural cities such as Florence, Rome, Siena and Bologna and therefore offers OU students a rare opportunity to discover the rich artistic beauty of many Italian cities while based in an authentic, medieval town. 

Giostra del Saracino - September edition

Despite having to cancel the Giostra di San Donato, which is the Joust that falls on the second to last Saturday of June due to COVID-19 restrictions, in 2021 there was the Giostra della Madonna Del Conforto, which occurred on the first Sunday in September!

Arezzo Events

As well as being the perfect base from which to travel in Italy and beyond, Arezzo itself is a lively city that offers all sorts of entertainment all year round, from food markets to exhibitions, from cinema to sport, from traditional festivities to the latest in Italian music! Students who decide to come to OUA have plenty of opportunities to explore and discover what the city has to offer and will find it a fun and engaging location. 


This is one of the oldest antiques fairs in the world. Its stands are scattered throughout the old city center on the first weekend of every month, and wandering around them is like going back-in-time. 

It is the perfect place to pick up an extravagant and unique souvenir, whatever your budget. 


Delve into the history and culture of Arezzo with our selection of in-depth articles by OUA faculty members, past and present, all adapted from the book Buon Giorno Arezzo: A Postcard From Tuscany, published by the University of Oklahoma Press as a celebration of the special relationship between Arezzo and Norman. In Cindy Rosenthal's (Mayor of Norman, 2007-2016) words: "In our global neighborhood we grow closer together through the places of beauty, the treasures of art and culture, and the ties of commerce and trade."


A Real Italian City

Settle in, unpack and enjoy life under the Tuscan sun!

Schermata 2020-05-08 alle 16.22.50.png

Origin and History of Arezzo

A city with a vibrant history in a magnificent setting.

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Aretine Culinary Culture

A meal in Arezzo is a celebration, whatever the event. 

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