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“When I first applied to study abroad in Arezzo, I did not imagine I would make such amazing memories and create lifelong relationships. The Monastery quickly became my little home, and Fabio’s food wad the one thing I looked forward to every single day. 

I had the opportunity of interning with Oxfam, where I met phenomenal people who taught me so much about the Italian culture and way of life. The best part was definitely the food and traveling around Italy and Europe - an experience of a lifetime to say the least. It has almost been two years since this journey, and I still think about it everyday.”

Leticia Muiuane, Fall 2019 

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OUA Alumni Leverage their Study Abroad Experience

We recently caught up with two OU in Arezzo alumni students, who have used their study abroad experience to further their education and careers. We are so proud of our alumni students and always look forward to learning about where life has taken them.

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Q&A with Addison Allen,
Fall 2015



Q&A with Ram Adithya Arangi,
Summer 2016

It's not just about WHERE you went while abroad...'s about where those experiences have TAKEN you!

Where Are OUA Alumni Now??
Where did alumni go while abroad??

Looking for tips on how to leverage your study abroad experiences in your career? 

OUA Alumni Features


Nicole Nielsen

OUA Spring 2019

Nicole took classes towards her Journalism major at OUA and feels it was a great experience.  She says it allowed her to step out into the world and gain a deeper understanding of herself!


Leticia Muiuane

OUA Fall 2019

Leticia came to OUA as a Davis Scholar. She took a full load of courses and did an internship at the Arezzo branch of Oxfam. She helped organize courses for kids in local schools and spearheaded a community outreach project for local residents. 


Mohammed Alwahdanee

Fall 2018 STEM student

Mohammed enrolled in the OUA STEaM semester for his Engineering major. The highlight of his semester was a trip to Geneva, Switzerland to visit CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. He recalls "seeing some of the coolest things in his life there." 


Ian Fraser

PCS Summer 2018 & 2019

Ian Fraser came with the President's Community Scholars summer program as a student and then as a PCS student intern. He helped organize a week-long summer camp for local kids. He says, "We really came out of our shell for the camp and gave it our all." Ian thinks that the time he spent in Arezzo was an amazing experience for him and his fellow 'PCS'ers.'

Spring 2020

Fall 2017 

Fall 2019

Spring 2015

Spring 2019

Fall 2013

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