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Spring 2019 Alum

Kennedy Pipkin

"From the moment I started college, I knew I wanted to study abroad. Originally, I had in mind that the most feasible option would be to explore summer programs, however, when I found out that Price had a semester long program catered to Marketing and Supply Chain students, I had no doubt it was what I wanted to do. Being able to take trips through the Price program was a once in a lifetime experience and one of my favorites was being in Milan during fashion week. The OUA study abroad program allowed me to meet wonderful people and immerse myself in a completely new environment, while still having the comfort of OU."  

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Spring 2019 Alum

Alejandro Martinez

I was an engineering major, so studying abroad for a semester wasn’t really an option or I would have ended up falling a year behind based on my class schedules. I took an entire fifth year just so I would have this opportunity. After that year I knew I'd start a career, but you only get so many vacation days. From everyone I spoke to about whether taking a fifth year and studying abroad would look bad to companies, they said it’s actually just the opposite. They said companies love seeing a willingness and eagerness to learn.

When you’re abroad you are immersed in new territory where you are learning everyday, inside and outside the classroom. My mentor at a summer internship told me “Go. Go now because when you’re working you will always have a new deadline or a new project and you’ll want to make the time but it becomes difficult. So go now, you’ve got the rest of your life to work.” My advice to anyone contemplating the possible repercussions of putting yourself a year behind your peers is this: I had only been in Arezzo a week and in that time it felt like I’d known those friends for months. The experiences I had far outweighed any doubts that could have ever been in my mind.

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kayla and Hannah.png

Spring 2018 & Spring 2016 


Hannah & Kayla Gollihar

Meet sisters Hannah and Kayla! They are not the first siblings to grace Arezzo with their presence, but they are two of the best! Hannah was a #ouaspring18 student and Kayla was with us in #ouaspring16! Kayla was a member of the first group of students to live for a semester in the newly reconstructed Kathleen and Francis Rooney Family Residential Learning Center. She graduated in 2017 and Hannah finished her studies at the @uofoklahoma in 2019. Kayla has taken advantage of time off from her job to come back to Arezzo on several occasions to visit the Aretino friends and "second family" she met during her time abroad. #ouaalumni 


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Fall 2019 Alum


"I studied in Arezzo during the Fall 2019 semester, during a program sponsored by the Gallogly College of Engineering. My experience there certainly helped me to come into my own, and to be more independent, as I tried to explore and absorb as much as possible (many times, stressing the life out of my mother at home). I gained multiple friends in the meantime, including my best friend, who I’m lucky enough to be able to see this semester, while she studies in Norman!
While covid-19 has interrupted things in my time since coming back from Arezzo, I can confidently say that I’m better off having gone to study abroad. When applying to internships, masters programs, and eventually jobs in the career field, it helps to be able to handle things on your own, and know how to utilize whatever resources are at hand, and I feel like I developed these abilities by going abroad. I was also able to see things from a wildly different cultural perspective, which I feel has allowed me to better approach any situation I’m given in life. I look forward to going back, in the future!"

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