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Spring 2020

OUA at Pitti-Bimbo fashion exhibit

In spring 2020, OU Price College of Business students were at #ouinarezzo and took periodic class trips to companies and organizations in Italy with program leader, Professor Natasha Bennett. Their first trip was to Pitti-Bimbo, an exhibit featuring vendors who work in the children's fashion and clothing industry. They spent a few hours at the Pitti-Bimbo exhibit weaving in and out all of the children’s clothing vendors. It was a massive exhibit with everything related to children’s clothes and accessories, from Armani to local and organic. Next, they explored Florence and, of course, enjoyed some gelato at Venchi! Student Athena said, “It was a fantastic way to learn more about children’s fashion merchandising and I definitely learned there is such a huge market for children’s clothing that I had no idea existed!”



February 7, 2020

I didn't even know it existed

It was a great day to be an #ouasooner! @oupricecollege is at #ouinarezzo this semester and they take periodic trips around #Italy. Today they visited Assisi, a beautiful hill-top town in central Italy’s Umbria region. Student Brandon said, “You know... before going to Assisi I didn’t even know it existed, but it’s actually a cool place. It’s got a church, great views and tasty gelato.” #ouaspring20 #featurefriday

By: Dr. Krish Murlidhar

Price College of Business, Spring 2019

The Marketing & Supply Chain Management department in the Price College has offered a semester abroad program for their students in Arezzo, Italy since Spring 2017. The primary objective was to offer Marketing & Supply Chain students the experience of living, studying, and working in a foreign country. From Spring 2018, the program was extended to all Price College majors with a Marketing minor in Arezzo. Students who participate in this offering can complete all the requirements for the Marketing minor during their semester in Arezzo. The program is taught by two full time faculty members from Price College. 

The students were also required to participate in an internship with an Italian company in Arezzo and they received three hours of academic credit for satisfactorily completing the internship. The feedback received from the internship organizations indicates that our students also left a positive impression on them and

the students indicated that they truly enjoyed their time in Arezzo and gained a unique professional experience through their internships. 


April 19, 2019

A unique experience at pagani  

@oupricecollege #ouasooners went on a day trip today to continue learning about their field in Italy. The first thing they experienced was the Pagani Factory, so it was a tour where they learned about car manufacturing from start to finish. The students were able to explore different models of cars and see the assembly line process. The second visit was to the Giuseppe Giusti museum where they learned about the production of their award-winning balsamic vinegar and they tasted it, some of which was 100 years old. Student Kennedy said she enjoyed the day and “both places were really interesting and interactive, so we got to ask a lot of questions.” The @oupriceabroad program in Arezzo is a truly unique experience! 

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March 7, 2019

Price students assist designer in milan

Two OUA students had the privilege of working at Milan Fashion Week! Kasey Ostermann and Kate Pruitt spent a week in Milan with Italian designer  Francesca Liberatore. They worked alongside the production manager assisting with model castings the first day, model fittings the next two days, followed by runway preparation, and finally ending their week working at a full-on fashion show! Kasey said, “It was one of the greatest but craziest experiences of our lives!!” Congratulations to these talented students. Your OUA family is very proud of you! 

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March 1, 2019

Price College at "eataly"

@oupricecollege students took another trip yesterday and today to Bologna to visit the “Eataly” headquarters and tour the city. Student Kennedy says, “Visiting these places allows us to develop professionally because we are meeting with people from so many companies and getting a better understanding of the business world globally, which will prepare us for our future careers.”  

@oupriceabroad #ouinarezzo

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