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Every Semester is Unique

Art History is an OU upper division gen ed course, along with other credit-bearing courses offered each semester such as World Music, History, and Italian Film. 

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Feature Story: Fall Semester
by Torey Henderson

Hello Arezzo! As one of nineteen students getting to study abroad in Arezzo, being the first-semester group back at OUA after the original COVID-19 pandemic, I can tell you we are all full of excitement and eager to learn about Arezzo and Italy. Coming back, I can speak for a majority of us.

We were filled with nervousness about getting through customs and figuring out “our new normal” in our new home.

Fall 2021 feature story

Arezzo Post WWII
Spring 2020  

In spring 2020 Dr. Rob Griswold was at #ouinarezzo

teaching "History: America and WWII" with a focus on how Arezzo and Italy were involved in the war. The class took a tour with local #arezzo guide Axel. He taught them about how Arezzo was affected by WWII and how the citizens fled. After the war some areas of the city were re-built. They saw and learned about Piazza Grande, the towers, the Duomo, Prato park, the palace, and more. Arezzo has a great history and we’re so proud students get to learn about their city! 


Sacred & Secular class

April 10, 2019

Yesterday our students had a nice trip to Assisi with Dr. Wickersham for their Sacred and Secular class! They got to see The Basilica of St. Francis and enjoy the beautiful views! #ouinarezzo #ouaspring19 @profwickou

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Integrating italian culture with language

fall 2019

The @giostradelsaracino is this weekend and today #ouasooners visited the headquarters of the Rooney Family Center neighborhood, #portadelforo! They had the opportunity to learn about the Arezzo Joust and its traditions, as well as have a first-hand look into @portadelforo’s equipment! 

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Art History Presentations

Bravo to Renaissance Art History students for beginning their presentations yesterday for their final projects. Taught by Director Kirk Duclaux, the art history class students pick a topic that they’ve explored at the end of each semester to be presented to him and their classmates. The “symposium” began today and will continue next week. Congratulations #ouasooners studying art history in Italy! #ouinarezzo #ouafall18

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An enhanced experience 



All students who study at #ouinarezzo take an Italian course of their choice that fits in with their preferences and degree path. Pictured here is one of the two local Italian instructors, Antonio, teaching #ouafall18 students vital language skills to make their semester even more enjoyable. Learning some Italian gives these 

#ouasooners an opportunity to use it and connect more in the community. Student Mackenzee Hester says, “Italian class gives me a connection and has enhanced my experience in Italy by giving me the tools I need to navigate! From learning about history, to learning Italian in a very usable way, I am able to transition to Arezzo very well, and use some of my new skills in the process!” #featurefriday

Art History  

Seeing the david never gets old

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