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Every Semester is Unique

Art History is an OU upper division gen ed course, along with other credit-bearing courses offered each semester such as World Music, History, and Italian Film. 

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Arezzo Post WWII

Spring 2020  

In spring 2020 Dr. Rob Griswold was at #ouinarezzo

teaching "History: America and WWII" with a focus on how Arezzo and Italy were involved in the war. The class took a tour with local #arezzo guide Axel. He taught them about how Arezzo was affected by WWII and how the citizens fled. After the war some areas of the city were re-built. They saw and learned about Piazza Grande, the towers, the Duomo, Prato park, the palace, and more. Arezzo has a great history and we’re so proud students get to learn about their city! 


Sacred & Secular class

April 10, 2019

Yesterday our students had a nice trip to Assisi with Dr. Wickersham for their Sacred and Secular class! They got to see The Basilica of St. Francis and enjoy the beautiful views! #ouinarezzo #ouaspring19 @profwickou

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Integrating italian culture with language

fall 2019

The @giostradelsaracino is this weekend and today #ouasooners visited the headquarters of the Rooney Family Center neighborhood, #portadelforo! They had the opportunity to learn about the Arezzo Joust and its traditions, as well as have a first-hand look into @portadelforo’s equipment! 

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Art History Presentations

Bravo to Renaissance Art History students for beginning their presentations yesterday for their final projects. Taught by Director Kirk Duclaux, the art history class students pick a topic that they’ve explored at the end of each semester to be presented to him and their classmates. The “symposium” began today and will continue next week. Congratulations #ouasooners studying art history in Italy! #ouinarezzo #ouafall18

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An enhanced experience 


All students who study at #ouinarezzo take an Italian course of their choice that fits in with their preferences and degree path. Pictured here is one of the two local Italian instructors, Antonio, teaching #ouafall18 students vital language skills to make their semester even more enjoyable. Learning some Italian gives these 

#ouasooners an opportunity to use it and connect more in the community. Student Mackenzee Hester says, “Italian class gives me a connection and has enhanced my experience in Italy by giving me the tools I need to navigate! From learning about history, to learning Italian in a very usable way, I am able to transition to Arezzo very well, and use some of my new skills in the process!” #featurefriday

Art History  

Seeing the david never gets old

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