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Liliana Macias

Italian Language

Lily was a student here in Arezzo when the pandemic started, during our Spring semester 2020.

She was carrying out an internship at Oxfam, dealing with lots of different aspects for this internationally known NGO.

You can read here more about it.

The pandemic is still going on but fortunately we have all managed and found ways to deal with it. Lily decided to come back to OU in Arezzo this summer and do another internship. This time she is focusing on enhancing her Italian language skills.


Online classes have become the norm over the past year and they are an integral part of our academic style. In fact, OUA has just launched a collaborative initiative with professors in the Italian department in Norman. The project will focus on creating new online content in Italian so that students in Norman can increase their knowledge of the Italian language...

and Lily as an OU in Arezzo intern plays a fundamental role in this initiative.



Torey Henderson

OUA Media & Marketing

The first blog post I was asked to write during my internship at OUA was about the differences between Italian culture and American culture. The one thing I noticed most is time. What time do things open, close, lunch breaks, breaks in general.


Claire Zahorik


I’ve definitely started to notice the different stages of cultural adjustment during my time here. The honeymoon phase is exactly how I imagined my study abroad experience with the excitement and awe towards everything.

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Brooke Pierzachla

Fondazione Arezzo InTour

It has been a little over a month that I have now lived in Arezzo, Italy! I have learned so much since we talked last and still have so many questions.

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