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Internship Student Experiences

Find out more through the students' reflective blog posts!

FALL 2021


Daphne Bigelow

Museo Archeologico

Needless to say, I was very nervous to begin my internship, mostly because I am a perfectionist and when it comes to working and performing well, and I tend to hold myself to a high standard for completing what is asked of me. What made me more nervous was that this internship is of course in a new country where I would be speaking a different language daily.

You can read here more about it.

madeleine hartman.jpeg

Madeleine hartman

Fondazione Monnalisa

This semester, I am an intern for Fondazione Monnalisa. I will always remember the excitement I felt when I received the email with my acceptance letter. They picked me! I couldn’t believe it. I applied for this specific internship because it combines my two passions; fashion and charity. Upon first glance, Monnalisa looks like a fancy children’s clothing store. However, it really is so much more. 

You can read here more about it.


Liliana Macias

Italian Language

Lily was a student here in Arezzo when the pandemic started, during our Spring semester 2020.

She was carrying out an internship at Oxfam, dealing with lots of different aspects for this internationally known NGO. 

The pandemic is still going on but fortunately we have all managed and found ways to deal with it. Lily decided to come back to OU in Arezzo this summer and do another internship. This time she is focusing on enhancing her Italian language skills.


Online classes have become the norm over the past year and they are an integral part of our academic style. In fact, OUA has just launched a collaborative initiative with professors in the Italian department in Norman. The project will focus on creating new online content in Italian so that students in Norman can increase their knowledge of the Italian language...

and Lily as an OU in Arezzo intern plays a fundamental role in this initiative. 

You can read here more about it.

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