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My life as an internship coordinator

Lucio Bianchi Sereni, OU in Arezzo Student Service Coordinator

April 21, 2021

Ciao, my name is Lucio Bianchi Sereni and I am the Student Service Coordinator at OU in Arezzo.

My main role is acting as a tutor for internship programs in Italy, but I also wear other hats when it comes to student activities.

I started working on the internship project back in 2012 and I have to say, it hasn't always been easy to find the right partners here in Arezzo. It's a small town that just recently started opening up to international projects. Initially, the best internship venues that we could partner with were languages schools and so we could only grant a few students the opportunity to have an internship. Over the years, OUA has expanded the internship network in Arezzo and its presence has become more well-known within the local community due to the successful collaboration with lots of different institutions and businesses.

OUA has been featured in local newspapers and we're proud of the great contributions and positive impact our students have made to many professional venues where they have interned. Now we can count on more than 30 different internship venues in many fields (from education, to non-profit organizations, fashion and science industries, law offices, and public administration... just to name a few!). Our students can see what it's like to work in an Italian environment, to enhance their language and professional skills and to give OUA the opportunity to be an established, reliable asset to these local entities.


Collaborating with Italians to set up internships has been my responsibility and it has been a compelling experience for me. We've managed to build a strong foundation that has helped transform internships and other OUA activities into regular, valued partnerships for the whole Arezzo community. More than 30% of OUA students enroll in an internship while studying abroad and claim that it was one of their best "adventures" during the study abroad program.

What are you waiting for?

Check out the OUA Internship Directory and jump on board!

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