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OUA Activities

Getting involved with local culture


Students have a great time at their BBQ or Welcome Dinner when they arrive in Italy!

BBQ s &

Welcome Dinners

Another vineyard.jpg

Students enjoy visiting an Italian vineyard and learn the art of wine- making during their time in Arezzo!

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OUA staff teach students how to make ravioli, gnocchi and tagliatelle with different sauces!

Pasta Making

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Every semester, staff members and students gather to set up a "Lunch Lab," share recipes and

have fun!

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Pottery class, photography, personal training, frescoes, drawing, Italian cooking

and many others... 

Pizza Cook Off
Spring 2022

Ciao Pizza eaters! Here are a few of the highlights from the #SPRING22 #PizzaCookOff! Apart from the fun, meeting people from other cultures and hanging out with the #UNISI students, the one thing that makes us the most proud of this culinary event is the interculturality that the students put into their creations by mixing names and ingredients from the two worlds and by giving shape and nuances to pizzas with unusual and international flavors. #SP22 #OUA #StudyAbroad #pizza #OUinArezzo #OUAbroad #OUitalian


Spring 2022

Students gathered in the Great Hall for a wonderful night full of games and some friendly competitions.

We played, laughed and competed with foosball, table tennis and corn hole and the current champions are:

Luca and Sofia (foosball)

Pedro (Ping Pong)

David and Tyler (corn hole)

It was an amazing opportunity to spend time all together and strengthen even more the bonds already formed during these first months.

FamItaly Meal
Fall 2021

Coming to OU in Arezzo, I knew I wanted to integrate into Arezzo and the Italian culture as much as possible, and I had remembered seeing something about being able to have meals with a family in Arezzo. It was something I knew I had wanted to do from the second I heard about it, and once Lucio introduced us to the sign-up opportunity, I jumped at writing my name down!

Schermata 2021-12-17 alle 12.24.49.png

Pasta Making, Fall 2021


Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a pasta from scratch and have a lesson in your kitchen when you go back home?  That is what we got to do this past week here at OUA!  We made “ravioli” with classical spinach and ricotta filling (yet, you can be as creative as you wish and make your own favorite filling) and the traditional butter & sage sauce, “gnocchi” with pesto sauce, and “tagliatelle” with Bolognese sauce, here called “ragu'”! The ravioli and tagliatelle start from the same dough; one egg and 100 grams of flour, with a pinch of salt and olive oil. The gnocchi, from mashed potatoes, a little bit of egg and flour! We made the pasta in our Mensa and dining area and enjoyed it for lunch immediately after making it.

It was all our first-time making pasta and making it in our own home was even better. We each had different favorites and talked about why while enjoying it. I loved the gnocchi because I honestly could not believe that I had made it. I expected it to be more challenging than it was, but I know I will be making this for my family after learning. Getting to make the pasta in the Rooney Family Center made it 10x easier because we made this on a day where we had class, so we could enjoy coming downstairs, making the pasta, enjoying it then off to class! It was an added memory to the Mensa and one that we will all remember when thinking back to our study abroad!

Pasta making.jpg
la striscia fall 2021.jpeg

Vineyard visit
Fall 2021

Once you get to Italy, you can’t miss out on visiting a winery and learning about the detailed process that lies behind one of the best-known and appreciated libations in the world! On a sunny fall day, the OUA students were guided through the historic centre of Arezzo towards the outskirts of town.


The OUA and University of Siena Pizza Cook-off is one of the most acclaimed events by OUA students because it allows them to meet others, get to know their Italian peers and have fun giving vent to their creativity and their culinary arts.

The contest includes mixed teams of Italian and American students, while the OUA staff members make up the jury that judges the pizzas in terms of taste, aesthetics, and presentation.

Pizza making.jpg

The final pizza presentations often include songs, dances, and improvisations and always end up with laughter, fun and the pleasure of being together. The winning team is awarded with a series of prizes and the honor of having made the tastiest, most beautiful pizza! An appointment not to be missed and good for everyone!



Spring 2020

We threw a Fat Tuesday gathering  with a king cake and some popular Italian desserts, cenci and frittelle!!

Thank you @edasbakery for making these treats! #ouaspring20


Pottery Class

With a Local Artist

Students stay busy at #OUinArezzo with a variety of optional activities. One of these includes taking a pottery class with a local artist. Our "official" ceramics artisan is Andrea Roggi from Arezzo who has his own shop and also offers lessons. 

fat tuesday.jpg



The wonderful Lucio, the Student Services Coordinator, taught us how to make ravioli with spinach and cheese and tagliatelle with ragu sauce! Student Zinny Simpson said, "This is one of the coolest experiences we have here." After making pasta, we were able to enjoy it with everyone for lunch! #OUASpring20


Summer 2019

Students in the President's Leadership Class for Summer 2019 had a great time at their “Goodbye BBQ” at the Rooney Family Center in Arezzo!

What a fantastic group of student leaders! 

#ouasummer19 #ouaplc19


Vineyard Visit

Summer 2019

Student Tara said, “Today was probably one of the funnest days of the trip for me. I loved that we got to spend time outside in the beautiful hills of Arezzo!”

Considering the times we live in, it's crucial to recognize diversity as something that enriches everybody. On this very important day, we want to celebrate four women who have given us inspiration, brought about a shift and took some of the first steps towards what became a new story in which women are the heroes.#KamalaHarris#SamanthaCristoforetti#GretaThunberg#MariaMontessori four women, four cultural identities and four different ways of seeing the world: from politics, through education and environmental issues to outer space.

Women's International Day

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