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Torey Henderson (OUA intern),
Matteo and Silvia (UNISI interns)

October 15, 2021

Once you get to Italy, you can’t miss out on visiting a winery and learning about the detailed process that lies behind one of the best-known and appreciated libations in the world! 

On a sunny fall day, the OUA students were guided through the historic centre of Arezzo towards the outskirts of town. Their destination was the Tenuta La Striscia Wine Resort, a 16th-century restored villa in the beautiful green area just outside of Arezzo. They visited the vineyard from which there is a spectacular view of the Medici Fortress, the Arezzo Cathedral, the 16th-century Vasari Aqueduct, which still brings water to the center of Arezzo, and the 14th-century “Gnicche” tower, named after Gnicche, a famous chivalrous thief from the area. 

During the visit to the vineyard, the guide explained that the vineyard uses only natural products to grow the grapes. She also pointed out ways in which the climate has an affect on the soil and the flavour of the grapes. One of our students told us, “I enjoyed learning about the grapes and how climate change can have a strong impact on the whole winemaking process. It’s interesting to see how such a very detailed process lies behind each bottle of wine”. Then they were led to the cellar, where they discovered all about the winemaking process, from the fermentation process to the selection of the best bunches of grapes. 

At the end of the tour, the students went to the charming restaurant located on the premises to taste a few wines. Each wine was examined and the guide taught the students to savour the wine using the wine tasting techniques of local experts. They tasted three types of red wine made from different grapes that gave each one a different color, aroma and taste. Each type of wine was paired with a specific Tuscan delicacy that included various types of meats and cheeses. 

All the OUA students enjoyed this “sommelier” experience. They were interested and fascinated by their new knowledge of the world of wine production and they look forward to returning to a winery and learning even more about this important Tuscan product!

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