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Without Ceramics I cannot Live

Leanna Payton, OU in Arezzo Center Coordinator

April 15, 2021

Students stay busy at #OUinArezzo with a variety of optional activities. One of these includes taking a pottery class with a local artist. Our "official" ceramics artisan is Andrea Roggi from Arezzo who has his own shop and also offers lessons.


A little about Andrea: 

Andrea has been doing this work for 40 years and has owned his shop in Arezzo since 1995. Andrea enjoys creating new things and decorating. He also has 15 students and enjoys, “Passing on his art and he always learns something from them.” In Italy, ceramics are very important and each region has their own traditions with pottery. Andrea’s favorite pieces to make are cats. He enjoyed teaching our #ouasooners and said, “I discovered a new world. I’m a curious person and I like to meet new people. I now have international contacts.” Andrea is passionate about his work with pottery and says, “Ceramics is my life. Without ceramics, I cannot live.”

An OUA Tradition: 

Students have been taking pottery classes with Andrea for years. Each semester and summer it is an optional activity for our #OUASooners to participate in. Traditionally, they create a Tuscan scene when they have time to mould and paint. When lessons include only painting, such as with shorter programs in the summer, students typically paint a mug or a tile. Sometimes students even have time to get creative and make what they want! 

Classes take place all over the OUA facilities, both in the Rooney Family Center and in the San Francesco Classroom Annex. The Rooney Family Center garden is the perfect backdrop to May lessons with President's Leadership Class programs and it's a part of their curriculum.


Go through the photos and video on this page to learn more about students experiencing pottery and ceramics in Arezzo!

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