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Hotel Continentale

The Hotel Continentale is just one of the hotels that welcomes OUA student groups in the summer.

It has been a fixture in Piazza Guido Monaco for more than 50 years.

The four-star hotel is well-located in the historic center; it’s only a 5-minute walk to get to the OUA San Francesco Classroom Annex where most classes are held, and a 5-minute walk to the train station.

Students who attend a summer program are housed in double occupancy rooms with a private bathroom and breakfast is provided. Over the last years, five OUA groups have lodged at the Hotel Continentale during the summer.

Enjoy Your Coffee

Logo Enjoy your coffee.jpg

These two lovely ladies are Egle and Martena. A few years ago, these sisters opened an American style cafe called Enjoy Your Coffee and it quickly became a popular stop for OUA students!

"We moved to Arezzo from southern Italy so I can see how different things are here. It is much more closed, but I like that I can walk everywhere." 


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La Tua Piadina

Logo La tua piadina.jpg

Rita and her husband own two popular OUA voucher spots in Arezzo, La Polenteria and La Tua Piadina. Both places are conveniently located right down the street from the OUA San Francesco Classroom Annex!

Originally from Arezzo, Rita’s favorite parts of the city are the Duomo, Piazza Grande, San Francesco, and the Fortress.

As for the OU students in Arezzo, Rita says, "They are a positive addition to the city, hard workers, and are always smiling!"  #OUinarezzo

Dal Moro

logo Dal Moro.jpg

Though Dal Moro has only been open for eight years, the familial ties to the food run deep. In particular, ninety-five percent of all the meat offered is sourced from Riccardo’s father's butcher shop that has operated for decades. The experience and the freshness that comes with locally sourced ingredients shine through as Riccardo in his AC/DC t-shirt makes one of his famous sandwiches.

With the food and Riccardo’s eagerness to meet new people and help students with their Italian while practicing his English, it is easy to see why on any given day you will find at least one hungry OU student at its Deli Counter.

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