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Super Fans

Alessandro Ghinelli, Mayor of Arezzo

Engineering students were just one of the many summer groups at #ouinarezzo in 2017. They took part in a special project with the mayor of Arezzo, Alessandro Ghinelli and his staff. The students worked in groups to design and present an innovative mobile app for the city of Arezzo! 

The mayor of Arezzo visited Norman in 2018 and met with Lynne Miller - Norman Mayor - to discuss the impact that OU in Arezzo has had in fostering  collaboration between these two “sister cities.”

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Axel Castigli & Sandra Giusti, Tour Guides

Axel Castigli and Sandra Giusti have been OUA tour guides for many years. They offer tours of Etruscan beauties & Roman gladiators, Piero della Francesca Frescoes, Siena and Florence museums, and both are thankful to the "powerful" students from @ouinarezzo!

"I feel very lucky to have a job I love. It allows me to show people from some of the farthest and most unique countries and cultures, the beauty that is all around me," says Sandra. 

Andrea Roggi, Ceramics and Pottery Artist

At OUA, many students participates in a pottery class during the semester or the summer! The teacher, Andrea Roggi, is a local artist who specializes in pottery and ceramics. He has been doing this work for 40 years and has owned his shop in Arezzo since 1995. Andrea’s favorite pieces to make are cats. He enjoys teaching our #ouasooners and says, “I discovered a new world. I’m a curious person and I like to meet new people. I now have international contacts.” Andrea is passionate about his work with pottery and says, “Ceramics is my life. Without ceramics, I cannot live.”

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