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OUA is active in community outreach activities, which help synchronize local realities with the OU tradition of community. 


OLMOPONTE Soccer School

The Spring semester 2022 has brought into our network a new collaboration with the great team and people of the #OlmoPonte soccer school, to give our students the opportunity to play and understand what a deal is this sport, in Italy. Likewise, the kids of the school will enhance their English language skills! Our students will match up with them during training and learning how to play and have fun!

PCTO students picture.png

PCTO Project with a local High School

​Students from the Francesco Redi Science-based High School in Arezzo worked with members of the OUA staff to produce multimedia material in English, aimed at illustrating cultural aspects of Arezzo and Italy:

  • Arezzo’s monument to Petrarch

  • The Oscar-winning Life is Beautiful 

  • An ideal menu of local delicacies 



MONNALISA: Children's Apparel 

This well-known, local company specializes in high-end children's fashion. It's a small, family-run business that has become a leader in the field with stores all over the world, including Dallas and NYC. 

Check-out this video with Piero Iacomoni, the founder and president of Monnalisa as he says “Ciao” to OU student!

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The power of people against poverty

"Working with OUA students has been of great support and inspiration for Oxfam Italia's education office. The different competences, their talents and the vision students brought have increased the impact of our programs at local, national, regional or international level.

We are so satisfied that we have decided to embrace the global internships proposal and we count on OUA to keep making the difference within the Arezzo community and beyond."  


Claudia Maffei, Oxfam Italia Education Officer

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