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working with young Italians on the use of English and social media in the professional world

BY Ursula Armstrong
MAY, 14, 2021

  • Arezzo’s monument to Petrarch is brought to life to tell two curious students about the secrets of their hometown.


  • The Oscar-winning Life is Beautiful takes us through the squares of Arezzo and out into the local villages where some of the film’s most famous scenes were filmed.

  • An ideal menu of local delicacies recounts the town through its tastes and flavors.


Three ideas that a group of 11 young Italian students from a local high school transformed into video and photographic presentations to talk about their town.


Students from the Francesco Redi Science-based High School in Arezzo worked with members of the OUA staff to produce multimedia material in English, aimed at illustrating cultural aspects of Arezzo and Italy. The initiative was part of a wider project sponsored by the Italian Ministry for Education called “Pathways for Transversal Skills and Orientation” and aimed to provide students with experience in practical and soft skills that could serve as guidance in their future career choices, with a focus on social media storytelling through photos and video.


OUA staff were impressed by the students’ level of English, the creativity of their ideas and the enthusiasm with which they lent themselves to the task of creating original content about Arezzo.


The students rated the experience positively in terms of the language and digital skills they acquired and for the opportunity it gave them to work with mother tongue English speakers.


We hope that this will be the first of many similar projects and we look forward to developing online and in person training for more young Italians.


Thank you to Professor Giuliana Carbone for her commitment to organizing the project!

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