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Your extended OUA family in Arezzo

FamItaly is an initiative that pairs OUA students with families in Arezzo. They have dinner together and spend time within a home setting where they get to know the local culture, practice their Italian, make local connections and experience the comfort of family life at a time when they may be missing their own family and friends.


"Interact with the culture around you as much as you can. These opportunities are once-in-a-lifetime and you have to make the most out of them." Student Fall '19

OUA students also have the opportunity to take on occasional work as a babysitter for local families. For many students this opportunity becomes more than just babysitting, because while the students help the children learn English, they often become part of the family and develop new friendships.

"There are hundreds of languages in the world but a smile speaks them all." Our friends in Arezzo love connecting with OUA students who are experiencing Italy for the first time. Their natural curiosity and warmth helps students feel truly welcome and at home.

"We love opening up our doors to our young American friends, getting to know them, their language and their culture." Christian Fall '17

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