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Sanremo Festival February 1-5, 2022

The long-awaited week has finally arrived! All Italian’s televisions will be tuned to one of the main events of the year: The Italian song contest, more commonly known as “Festival di #Sanremo”. Located in the homonymous Ligurian city of Sanremo, it takes place at the Ariston’s theatre since 1951. It’s a competition in which 25 singers participate every year, with a song that has never been heard before and that must have Italian lyrics (dialects can also be used).

The event goes on for five days and each day has a different line-up: - The singers’ first performances are held during the first two nights. - On the third night, we’ll listen to all songs again, but this time viewers at home will vote to rank them. - The fourth one is dedicated to covers and duets, again with audience vote - On the last night, both the jury and the audience will vote to proclaim the winner, who will also represent Italy at the #Eurovision song contest.

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Amanda Creuwz
Amanda Creuwz
Mar 03

Thnaks for post

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