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A Tuscan Dish


Chuck beef (1400 gr)
Red wine, Chianti preferred (500 gr)
Black peppercorns (10)
Garlic cloves (4)
Laurel leaves (4/5)
Extra virgin olive oil, as needed

Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 16.23.59.png

To prepare the Peposo,  place the peppercorns into a piece of cheesecloth to make a small packet and tie it up with string. Then, cut the mean into chunks about 3 cm thick and place them into a saucepan (preferably made of cast iron or terracotta) on the stove. Add the peeled garlic cloves, the laurel leaves and the pepper packet. Stir and brown the meat for at least 10 minutes. At this point pour in the red wine and cover with the lid. Cook it on low heat for 2 hours. Then remove the lid, season with salt, and let it simmer for an additional 2 hours, stirring occasionally. When the sauce has reduced, remove the pepper packet. Your peposo is ready, taste the meat to check its flavor and, if necessary, add more salt and serve.

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