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How has this pandemic changed your daily work schedule? 

"The pandemic has changed my work days by shifting the management of critical issues from medium-long term to short term. Contingent and emerging health problems have increased in number and in quality, causing stress on all levels."

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What would you really like to see the public do to help you as a healthcare worker to get through the pandemic?

"As for the management of stress and burnout, the psychological support offered by the NHS has created areas within which it is possible to share, with professionals, the uniqueness of this experience and the range of emotions it has brought with it which has impacted social relationships, work and personal life.

On the other hand, concerning the aspect of the health professionals’ community, I would like to see an enhancement of technologies, digitalization and territorial assistance. These could produce wide margins for improvement, the results of which will benefit both the professionals themselves and the citizens, producing a medical system that is closer, efficient and faster."

How has your experience changed in the health care sector since the pandemic started?

"The pandemic has literally messed up the human side of care. Face shields and masks have hidden, from the patient's eyes, the human face of the nurse. Gloves and protective gear have taken away the comforting and reassuring warmth of hands. Social distance has become an invisible wall that has exacerbated the sterile feeling of the experience of hospitalization in a facility far from home and from a person’s loved ones."

During this period of work peaks, what are you most proud of?

"Surely the ability to respond promptly to people’s needs. They are shocked by the pandemic and need assistance and comfort. Taking care of fragile people and seeing their smile accompanied by a thank you is the thing that makes me very proud of the work I’ve done. In this context, the main challenge of health professionals is restoring the human side of care, with the aim of getting through the obstacles created by the pandemic."

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