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The OU Humans of Arezzo series was created in 2016 to feature some of the wonderful people who have become part of the OU in Arezzo community that has grown a lot since the program began in 2008!

Veronica Polvani.jpg

Meet Veronica Polvani...

Arezzo is called the "city of gold", in every corner we can come across workshops, artisans and jewellery shops. There are numerous companies that work with precious metals, and many of the citizens of Arezzo work in this sector.

Veronica works in the family business that was founded by her mother during the 1980s. Today, after about 40 years, she and her brothers continue the family tradition by creating jewelry.
She loves to travel and spend time outdoors walking through the Tuscan hills.


One of her daughters, Samantha, was an OUA intern and summer assistant during the 2021 spring semester and summer.

Iolanda Fatucchi...

We’re excited to introduce Iolanda Fatucchi, owner of one of the most prominent antique shops in Arezzo along with her husband, Fabio. She has worked for almost 40 years in this business. Her father was one of the pioneer art dealers in Arezzo and was the first to be issued a license. Everyone in Iolanda’s family works in the business and each person has a different area of expertise. Iolanda specializes in works of art from the Empire Style, which was made popular by Napoleon I in the early 19th century. Iolanda and Fabio travel across the border often to take part in France’s antique fairs, exhibitions and auction sales. Iolanda’s love for art originated when she was little and she says: “I have been surrounded by art all my life. I had always been very passionate about drawing and starting out in this line of work only felt natural. As an art dealer, you get to explore history’s best kept secrets through ancient works of art and I will never stop learning. It’s a never-ending quest for knowledge and culture.”

Simone 2.jpeg

Simone Andreini...

Simone is a nurse at the Santa Maria Annunziata Hospital in Florence. He currently works in the oversight and organization of the Nursing department. 

OU in Arezzo asked him how the Pandemic has changed his work and he shared his thoughts.


Thanks to Simone for putting himself on the front line!

Rita from @ritabarbiera...

She owns Rita Barbiera (Rita's Hair Salon) in the heart of the historic center of Arezzo. Over the past 40 years, she has become known as the “official” hairdresser for most young men in Arezzo, including many OUA students!

She makes the experience of getting an Italian haircut fun with her contagious laugh and vibrant personality. Most of the time you'll see a line of people waiting at the door of her salon, but with COVID-19 restrictions still in place, she schedules appointments for her clients.

Thanks for making this authentic Arezzo experience great for so many OUA students over the years, Rita! #ouinarezzo #ouhumansofarezzo

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Simona Camiola...

A long time friend of #ouinarezzo,  Simona is from Casalpusterlengo, in Northern Italy. She, her husband and family moved to Arezzo in 2005. It didn't take long for her to meet OUA students and staff. Simona and her family love nature and the outdoors, they live in the beautiful Tuscan rolling hills. She believes that Arezzo has "so many things that only a small town can offer." Simona has always been involved in annual OUA activities, such as: The FamItaly Meal Program, 5k Fun Runs, International Festival, Take Back the Night, International Women’s Day. Her son, who’s a musician, has frequently performed concerts at the Rooney Family Center. Simona and her family love to be involved because, "We like to meet new friends from all over the world in an open-minded context." Finally, their favorite things to do around Arezzo are, "reading, movies, music, walking in nature, and looking at art." It's people like Simona that make coming to Arezzo even more special for students and faculty!

Beppe Angiolini...

Considered one of Arezzo's most influential citizens, Beppe Angiolini has made a name for himself and his fashion business all over the world.

As the owner of Sugar, Beppe has used his creative talents and business savvy to turn his clothing store into a global leader of online     e-commerce.

His talents are on display at the designer boutique in the heart of Arezzo, housed in one of the oldest buildings in the famous Corso Italia, with a wonderfully well-preserved Roman mosaic on the ground floor which is well worth a visit. He has recently expanded his business to include a boutique hotel above the flagship store.

Beppe lives in Arezzo and can often be spotted out and about in the historic center.

Over the years, he has met with Price College business students for site visits and interviews and he has recently agreed to add Sugar to the list of possible internship venues for OUA semester students.


...and Loredana and Adrian

They’re the owners of the Pizzeria “La Sfiziosità” in Arezzo. They are from Bucharest, Romania and have owned the pizza place for 7 years. They used to own an Italian restaurant in Bucharest and traveled to Italy to get the best products for their customers. Later, they decided to move to Italy and open their own business in Arezzo. They love Tuscany because of its natural beauty and tranquility. Loredana says that Arezzo is a wonderful city, both quiet and welcoming. The #ouinarezzo students often go to “La Sfiziosità” to eat their delicious pizzas. Loredana and Adrian like having them as customers, because they are young and joyful. Sometimes customers speak in English with them, but it happens that the students ask them to speak in Italian to get some practice with their language skills. #ouaspring18

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