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  • Spaghetti - 320 g

  • Garlic - 1 clove

  • Extra virgin olive oil - to one's taste

  • Fine salt - to one's taste

  • Clams - 1 kg

  • Parsley - 1 bunch

  • Black pepper - to one's taste

  • Coarse salt - (for the clams) to one's taste

spaghetti with clams.png

While there is no definite answer of whether it should include tomato or not, this dish is perfect for any occasion and can even be found on the dinner table during Christmas! Although our recipe today will not use tomato, feel free to try this dish in one of the three commonly prepared ways, including "in bianco," dressed in tomato sauce, or only adding a handful of fresh cherry tomatoes. 


1. First, clean the clams and make sure that there are no broken or empty shells. Then beat them against the sink or cutting board to ensure that there is no sand in the clams. If the clams open, they are full of sand; however, they will remain closed if they are healthy.

2. Second, place the clams in a colander and rinse them off.

3. Place the colander in a bowl, add an abundant amount of coarse salt, and keep the clams soaking for 2-3 hours.

4. After the clams have soaked in the salt, they will release sand residue. In a pan, place a bit of extra virgin olive oil to warm.

5. Add a clove of garlic and while this is seasoned, drain the clams well, rinse them and place them in the hot pan.

6. Cover the pan with the lid and let it cook for a few minutes on high heat.

7. The clams will start to open with the heat, and as you shake the pan, they will fully open. 

8. Once they are all opened, immediately turn off the heat, or they will overcook. Then, collect the sauce by draining the clams and throw away the garlic.

9. Meanwhile, cook the spaghetti in abundant boiling water and salt, then drain the pasta in a colander halfway through the total cooking time.

10. Then, pour the sauce into a pan.

11. Add the spaghetti and continue cooking by using some of the same cooking water; this allows the pasta to finish cooking in the pan. Once fully cooked, add some chopped parsley.

12. Heat everything on high for a couple of seconds, then serve!


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