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Spring 2018


April 24, 2018 

#ouaspring18 has been a great semester and the students successfully finished all the intern projects they had to carry out. Scroll down to read their experiences in different venues while here in Arezzo!

Here's a video explaining what it means to be part of an internship project at OUA

Mid-term reflection

Oxfam Italia

Peyton Vann , May 7, 2018


This past semester, I have had the amazing opportunity to study abroad at the University of Oklahoma’s flagship program in Arezzo, Italy. One of the main reasons I decided to study abroad...

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being Assertive


Calvin Alley, February 13, 2018

Calvin Alley.jpg

At my OUA internship, I often ask for the people around me to talk a little slower ("piu piano") or for them to repeat and explain words I do not recognize. They are happy to oblige and do whatever...

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Pop Culture: USA vs ITALY

Orchidea Preziosi

Kristin Giles, March 27, 2018

Kristin Giles.jpg

Yesterday, I learned that many Italians still watch American movies. Around World War II, Italy had the fourth largest film industry, while the United States had the tenth largest film industry. 

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Unforgettable Experience

Hotel Vogue

Hannah Gollihar, May 1, 2018

Hannah Gollihar.jpg

This past semester I was fortunate to work in hospitality which is an industry that I am considering in my future career path. As an intern at Vogue Hotel, I learned a lot about myself...

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