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The Rooney Family Center:

A space for everyone

Loft Study Area

The Loft Study Area of the RFC is a popular place for students to study and hang out. It's the first place you'll find students who want to be comfy while working on assignments or watching a movie on their laptop with a few friends. The roomy, green chairs are the best feature of this common area inside the RFC!

The space served as a washroom for the Saint Clare sisters, who were the last inhabitants of the monastery before it was converted into the residential learning center that we know of today as OUA's Kathleen and Francis Rooney Family Residential Learning Center.


Great Hall

The Crawford-RaCasi Great Hall is a large space featuring a grand piano, tables, couches and chairs. It's ideal for studying and hosting activities such as concerts. 



The consecrated chapel was a part of the original structure when the RFC was the Santa Chiara Monastery. It is open to students and the original artwork remains in the space. 


Kitchen & Mensa

The kitchen is where OUA’s Chef Fabio cooks dinners for semester students and occasional meals for summer students. The kitchen space also has a large eating area.



The outdoor area with the Dean Family Terazza and the Edith Kinney Gaylord Tuscan Garden is a real gem due to the unique landscaping and beautiful flora. The garden even has an area for growing herbs! Multiple activities take place in the garden and its great for enjoying an outdoor meal. 


Formal   Entrance

The "Molly Shi and David L. Boren Grand Entrance" is a space with offices and eclectic furniture and art. Students often use it as a study space.



The Mewbourne Library is the most popular spot to study for students. With personal lighting and outlets and thousands of books (including textbooks), the library is essential in the RFC.


Lower Library Area

The Charlotte Ream Cooper Lower Library, the Zach P. Messitte student photo gallery, and the computer lab; all great places for comfort while learning!


Upper Library

The Kay & Clark Musser Upper Library is a great addition to the RFC for students. It's a lofted area that is more private for a peaceful space to study and Facetime. 

IMG_5580 5.jpg


The Lacy and Brian Holderread Seminar Room, the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation Classroom, the Distance-Learning Classroom, and the Conference Room are equipped with comfort and modern technology. The classrooms are used widely for classes in the summer and for meetings during the semester.  


TV Room

The Gayle and Bill Parker Media Room has comfortable seating and a big-screen TV, making it the perfect spot for watch parties, especially OU football games for fall students. 


Outlook Tower

With its views of Arezzo, the Rowdy Gilbert Loggia is a beautiful place to study and socialize in the sunshine.  



There's no shortage of spaces to study and spend time with friends and the Stuart Family Courtyard is another outdoor space to enjoy. The Etruscan Well, a gift made possible by Tripp Hall and Rudy Hymer, can also be viewed from the courtyard. Read more about the well here


RFC Tours

Preparing for Summer 2022 & Beyond!

Plans for summer 2022 OUA programs are already in the works and OUA and Arezzo expect to be bursting at the seams once again! 

The Kathleen and Francis Rooney Family Residential Learning Center is ready to host summer program students and visiting faculty with plenty of space for classes, activities, studying, socializing, doing laundry and lots of other needs.

The RFC is a popular gathering spot for all OUA students. Event those students who reside in local B&Bs and hotels can enjoy all of the common areas of the Rooney Family Center as well as the garden for BBQs, the library for a quiet study environment, or the Great Hall to play or listen to the piano. 

Check out the video tour of this beautiful living-learning facility, created by University of Siena interns in fall 2020!

The monastery was our home-away-from-home and that made me feel comfortable enough to explore other places in Arezzo and Italy — always knowing that we had a place to come home to! 

I liked the fact that the Rooney Family Center was always buzzing with activities for us and for the community. There was always something interesting going on with the local Italians!

Very clean and had everything I needed. It felt like a castle! The library was a life-saver for studying. 

-OUA Summer & Semester Students 

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