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Short Term Study Abroad Program

Call for Proposals – DEADLINE EXTENSION


If you are a regular OU Faculty Member interested in running a study abroad program in Italy for Spring Session 2022 or Summer 2022, you can submit your proposal here until Friday April 30th.



Dive into the full range of venues, cultural activities and professional site visits that program leaders can choose from as they build their program itinerary hereA well balanced, attractive program should ideally include:

1. Hands on cultural activities that introduce students to Italian traditions and customs.

2. Visits that highlight the rich culture and history of Italy - even if they are not strictly relevant to your course.

3. A selection of site visits intended to enrich your program curriculum, enhance professional development and provide students with insight into Italian best practices in their chosen field of studies.

Proposals are usually submitted as coordinated course(s) proposals between two faculty members. Courses can be open to any discipline or a specific subset of major(s) if there is a wide enough pool of potential applicants.

Preference will be given to innovative or collaborative new programs that can expand access to study abroad in areas such as student demographic and course topic, while faculty with previous experience teaching, studying, researching abroad, or familiarity with Italy will also be given preference.

Running a summer program is a rewarding, if challenging, experience and many program leaders return year after year with new and exciting program offerings for OU students. OUA has been hosting faculty led summer programs for many years, from Health and Nutrition, Organic Chemistry and Engineering to Art and Design, Nursing and Modern History.


The OUA team has wide ranging experience in working with program leaders and is ready to support faculty members in all aspects of running a program, from developing the program itinerary, to building the program budget and facilitating the logistics on the ground. We look forward to receiving your proposals!


  • Read the full call for proposals here.

  • Take a glance at the process involved in building an OUA Summer Program here.

  • Contact Kirk Duclaux, Ursula Armstrong or Annaly Beck

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