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Fall 2018


Arturo Alonso | October 3, 2018 

This fall semester, I am interning at Oxfam Italia, an international nonprofit organization that strives to bring unity and change to various social issues including poverty and human rights. Oxfam has nothing to do with Aerospace Engineering, the major I am pursuing, but I chose this organization because the impact they have around the world really stood out to me since I value service to provide people with a better quality life...

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Do's & Don'ts

Borgo Italia

Shaila Patel, September 6, 2018


I got on the right bus and got off on the right stop! You may think this isn’t an achievement, but it was a major achievement for me. I guess you could say it raised my street smarts up a bit. 

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Mid-Term Reflection

Mariano's Restaurant

Robert Wasoski, October 19, 2018

Robert Wasoski.JPG

The dust has settled and the positions within the restaurant are now defined and structured. I have officially been relegated to “The One Who Does Those Tasks.”

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Studio Gatteschi Law Firm

Venus Heidari, March 24, 2018


As I complete more assignments, my supervisor challenges me more and more. Recently, I translated a legal document from Italian to English.


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Brain drain


Kelly Chong, October 18, 2018


The first time I got a job I was 16 years old and very nervous. I worked at a fast food restaurant and had no idea what to expect. I remember being anxious about everything....

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