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Summer Courses

Summer 2019

Using gelato to learn
June 27, 2019

Our Summer Programs are having so much fun while learning and visiting Italy! Sunflower is an artisan ice cream and yogurt store in Arezzo. It’s a wonderful place to have a break and eat a delicious gelato! All their products are made with fresh, natural ingredients. Sunflower is without a doubt one of the most popular gelato places among our OUA students, and the OChem group had the special opportunity to see how authentic Italian gelato is made. Helped by the great staff of the Sunflower gelateria, our students discovered how to make real, organic Italian gelato. Four of the OChem students volunteered to make four different gelato flavors! Jack, Tara, Charlotte and Megan had fun mixing fresh ingredients with water and sugar, in order to make their very own gelato, which they shared with their classmates. The result was exceptional!
OUA activities in the Arezzo community help our students learn and give them hands-on experience in their field of study, as well as providing them with further understanding of Italian culture and offering them new perspectives on their own home cultures. @ouartssciences 

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Summer 2019

The war's impact in Arezzo

 June 24, 2019

Our @ouartssciences Freedom and Fascism class had the great opportunity recently to visit some important historical sites in Arezzo, regarding the period of Fascism, with their professors guiding and explaining the history of the Tuscan town to them. They visited commemorative monuments, for example, the one dedicated to Father Caprara, a brave priest who tried to save as many people as possible during the tragic San Polo massacre in Arezzo, and the one dedicated to Lieutenant Jean Mauritz Justin Meuret, who died the day before the liberation of Arezzo. Walking in the hills where the partisans were hidden and started their revolution surely gave a sense of perspective to the students. As Professor Rob Griswold said, “This experience will give to the students who are used to reading and studying the historical field a good sense of the war’s impact on Arezzo.” The students were also shown different parts of the city which have been renovated and changed since the Fascist era, analyzing both the social and historical influence. 

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Summer 2019

A great month to be an OUA Sooner

 June 18, 2019

June is a busy month at #ouinarezzo!  @oupricecollege students #ouaprice19 visited a local coffee distributor, @cafferiver_official, on Friday to discuss the international coffee trade. Today, #ouachem19 students went to a cheese factory and a vineyard. Student Tara said, “Today was probably one of the most fun days of the trip for me. I loved that we got to spend time outside in the beautiful hills of Arezzo and we got to see how cheese and other food items are processed and the best part was trying them out!” It’s a great time to be an 

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Summer 2019

Mock UN Convention

 June 20, 2019

Journey to Italy students are getting an array of experiences! This week in class they role-played in a mock United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Each student represented one country from 10 regions across the world. With three countries per region, students served as delegates to the Convention and developed climate policies that would enhance the economies of the regions, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. After two-minute speeches describing the policies, the students discussed the pros and cons of each policy in unmoderated and moderated debates. Each region tried to convince other regions to vote for their policy. The top three policies will be amended, finalized, and debated in their final project activity on June 27th. Great job to 

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Summer 2019

Frescoes from the 1400's

 June 18, 2019

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These frescoes were painted by Piero Della Francesca in the 1400s, found in the Church of San Francesco Arezzo
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Summer 2019

Learning about the environment at the beach

 June 16, 2019

On Friday our Journey to Italy students spent a wonderful day at the Burano lake, a ‘brackish’, coastal lagoon at the southern end of the Grosseto Maremma, in Capalbio, a small town near Grosseto in Tuscany. It has been considered a Heritage of Humanity site since 1976.  During their meeting, students and staff discussed how climate change has impacted the Burano lake area over the last years. The flora and the fauna of the lake have changed drastically, as many animals that never found their natural habitat there, started to use the area to breed. One of those animals is the African Butterfly. Their professor, Dr. Renee McPherson, said the students saw the erosion of the sand first-hand and they collected shells. Certain plants are also having problems growing in the lake area, because the climate is facing considerable changes. The salinity of the water has also changed, coming closer to the saline level of the sea, because of the huge lack of rain, which has lowered the water level in the lake from 800 mm to 200 mm. Climate change is a huge issue in Italy, as well as in the entire world, and that’s what this group is studying. #ouajti19 student Kaitlyn said, “I learned that the reserve we went to is one of the largest in Italy and that the sand has iron in it so it’s magnetic.” It’s always great to know more about the environment we live in and try to respect it with all the resources we have. @ou_meteorology #ouinarezzo #ouasummer19

Summer 2019

Keeping OChem Fun

 June 20, 2019

Studying Organic Chemistry in the RFC has to be kept entertaining with the chemical models! 

Summer 2019

The first day of pcs camp

 June 17, 2019

It was the first day of @oupcs #ouinarezzo Summer Camp for local kids in the community of Arezzo! Camper Nicholas said his favorite activity today was the “drip and drop” game and the best part of camp for him are the counselors, #ouapcs19 students! #oupcs student Griffin said, “The first day of camp was so much fun! The kids had so much energy and excitement towards everything we tried to pull off, so that made the whole experience so enjoyable! I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow!” 

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Summer 2019

Price College Mingle

 June 16, 2019

Last night  @oupricecollege  students had a great time during their social mixer event. They had the opportunity to chat with our local Summer Assistants and talked about topics related to differences between Italian and American cultures as they relates to careers, the university system, and more. Having this kind of direct contact with locals is a great opportunity for students to understand many aspects of Italian culture that are often difficult to grasp, from everyday life to academics. We are proud of how the Arezzo community and OUA students have bonded, showing how important it is to connect with other cultures to create something beautiful and to learn great life lessons about others, but also about oneself. 

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