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STEM Courses

Engineering Students with the Arezzo Town Council
Engineering Students Studying Circuits in the Rooney Family Center Library
Engineering Students Visiting a Local Company
Art History Students Visiting Florence

Stem in the summer 

May 31, 2019

@engineeringatou students visited Bologna today and went to a gelato factory to learn about production. Courtney, a senior in Industrial and Systems Engineering, said “Seeing Bologna was surreal. At the Carpigiani Gelato factory, I learned how my major applies to making my new favorite dessert. Touring the University of Bologna was also great because I got to see students like myself attending the oldest university in Europe. The colors of Bologna were vibrant and bright making today unforgettable; so glad I got to experience today with my OU family!” #ouinarezzo #ouaeng19 #ouasummer19 


Ellie Hendrix

Nothing like a warm cappuccino while reading for art history.

 From the gothic to the high Renaissance in a few hours of Uffizi shuffling.

Dr. Wickersham

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Spring 2019

Spring 2019

The Physics and History of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

It was a great weekend to be an #ouasooner! On Saturday, Dr. Wickersham, this year’s Faculty-in-Residence, and Dr. Henry, the Physics professor, accompanied a group of students to Pisa. They experienced this beautiful city and learned about the history and wonder of this iconic structure. 


They care for us and our education 

Meet Christin! An #ouasooner this semester, Christin has embraced her study abroad experience. As a chemistry major with a minor in Italian, #oua was a perfect place for her to be this semester, with a chemistry program taken by almost half of the students.

A junior from Euless, TX, Christin says, “My favorite thing about being at OUA is everything. The monastery is such a beautiful place to live in, Arezzo is such a calm and peaceful city to stay in. I am so happy that OU took the time to find Arezzo and make it a perfect home away from home for students. It shows how much they care for us and our education.” ⁣

Christin stays busy outside of Organic Chemistry class by being involved in the community through her babysitting and FamItaly connections. Christin has taken-on a part-time position as a babysitter for a local family, to help the kids become exposed to English. FamItaly is a program here in Arezzo that allows students to get connected with locals, similar to OU Cousins on campus. Christin says, “My advice to the students wanting to come to Arezzo is to live your life to the fullest (within reason). This means travel and explore the world, try different types of food, and interact with the culture around you as much as you can. These opportunities are once-in-a-lifetime and you have to make the most out of it.” ⁣

Christin is also a Community Assistant in the Rooney Family Center, the program that allows students to work amongst their peers and gain experience. She also interns at a local school in Arezzo called Aliotti, where she assists in teaching and working with the students to gain academic credit and ‘real-world’ experience in another culture. ⁣“I love OUA so much and I am so glad I made the last-minute decision to come, because I will always remember my time here with all the amazing people that I have met and the wonderful places I have been able to experience,” Christin says. ⁣We’re so proud to have you at #ouinarezzo! 

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